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LIDT, High Power Coating of Dayoptics

DayOptics Inc., A company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of optical and crystal components, has made a series of successful cases in high-power products in recent years. For example, the LIDT of the mirror by IBS is 51.11 J/cm2 @ 16 ns is equivalent to 40.41 J/cm2 @ 10 ns


 What is LIDT?

The damage threshold is determined according to the peak pulse power density.Threshold is the point at which further increases in power density can cause damage.The methods used are strictly described in detail in several ISO standard controlled laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) measurements.Laser damage is defined as "any permanent change in the properties of a substrate or coating caused by laser radiation".

In the whole process of production and processing of high-power optical products, each process is of vital importance. The coating of optical components requires not only perfect equipment, but also comprehensive coating technology to customize different types of films to meet different needs. However, and the Bearable power.That's called the laser damage threshold.


 What will affect the LIDT?

Laser damage testing is essential for many applications.

The rapid development of laser application makes laser become more and more powerful.Laser applications range from space, life sciences and surgical tools.The reason for this expansion is optical coating technology.This means that if the coating of the optical and laser components cannot reach the required laser damage threshold, the laser power will not increase.

Complete reflection can be achieved by plating metal film on ordinary window plates, but the damage threshold of metal film is very low, which is very low in most high-power lasers, causing great damage in laser manufacturing and production process, and reducing customer confidence.

Want to extend the service life of the product;To improve the quality of laser products and improve the credibility of customers to the company's products, we achieve high power and high laser damage threshold through the selection of raw materials, polishing, cleaning, polishing accessories and final quality control of substrates, as well as the strict control of coating materials and processes.


Coating technology.

At present, the common coating technology in China is divided into ion-assisted electron beam evaporation, electron beam evaporation and ion beam sputtering.

Ion beam sputtering coating technology has the advantages of good adhesion between the film layer and the substrate, high density of the film layer, less pinhole, film thickness controllability and good repeatability, so it is easier to obtain the film layer of uniform thickness than vacuum coating.The high reflective films prepared by ion beam sputtering have lower absorption and scattering losses.For plating parts with hook grooves and steps, the difference of film thickness caused by cathode effect can be reduced to a negligible degree.